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About Joe McClees

Joseph Daniels McClees

When the leaders of the portable toilet industry wanted to form a trade group in 1992, they came to Joe McClees.

Joe McClees has represented the North Carolina Portable Toilet Group since its formation. You will see him in the halls of the North Carolina General Assembly and in Congress, promoting the use of mandatory use of portable toilets in construction and supporting the industry through fair regulations.

Joe McClees lead the Group to win its first victories in 1993. HB#1077 codified and expanded the lawful use of portable toilets for commercial, construction, social, and public uses. HB#1492 mandated the use of one portable toilet for every two contiguous construction sites.

In 2001, North Carolina HB#1019 created certification and mandatory annual educational requirements for portable sanitation firms as well as septage management firms and land application site operators.

In 2005, Joe McClees spearheaded passage of SB #356, which grants a fuel tax rebate to pump trucks.

In 2009, Joe McClees successfully lobbied passage of HB#616 to increase penalties for damage to portable toilet units.

Contact Joe McClees

E-mail: jdm...@mccleesconsulting.com

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